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My wife and I were introduced to your product 13-14 years ago by our neighbors. They professed it to be the end of all products for back,joint and muscle strains and used it to their demise.They actually purchased it in large quantities and resold to us. Their family of four kids used the product and still do.
We use it almost daily as both have severe arthritis in knees,hips,hands and feet. I have an old ankle,heal fracture that is bone on bone that I really do get soothing relief with just one small spurt on each side then rub Arctic Spray in.Besides all of the pain relief benefit, Arctic Spray has a fresh clean odor that dissipates in short time,plus continued relief for hours.
We always have a bottle (2) handy for an occasional touch up during the day. We do travel some and Arctic Spray goes with us and is great for a soothing back rub after a long day on the road.
That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It !!

May 12, 2016

Arctic Spray

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