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My sister is the one who introduced me to this wonderful product and I started buying it at my local pharmacy.
I have fibromyalgia and three areas of my body suffer from chronic pain that, at times, is almost unbearable. The three areas are the front off my upper legs and the back of my neck. The pain in my legs will keep me from being able to get to sleep so I spray the Arctic Spray on my legs and I get an immediate relief.  It’s enough that I can relax and fall asleep. For my neck, I can spray it and the pain stops so I concentrate on my reading.  Incidentally, my sister uses it for her knee pain. She needs knee replacements and is waiting until the summer.
I have tried all sorts of ointments and sprays and this is the first one that offer instant relief.
Of course it’s not a solution but it helps you get on with your day.
I finally order the large size for my legs and I have a small size for travel. I don’t travel without it.
If you have fibromyalgia I recommend trying this.  

May 12, 2016

Arctic Spray

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