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Suzanne Kistler – Bradenton, FL

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Hello my name is Suzanne K. and I just love artic spray! I have tried several different types of “pain relieving” sprays and none of them compare to Arctic spray. I have been using Arctic spray for about 8 years now. I started using it after I had my first child. I had a C-section and I was left with so much lower back pain. Arctic spray has been a GOD SEND I use it for everything now! When I get head aches I rub a little on my temples, or I just sniff the tip of the spray bottle. I spray it on before bed. Whenever I have a sinus issue I spray Arctic Spray around my neck. I am so thankful I found Arctic spray! I give it out to all my friends for Christmas and birthdays, so they too can enjoy life, with all their aches and pain.

                                                                                        Thank you so much,

Suzanne Kistler Bradenton, FL May 12, 2016

Nina Burton – Clayton, OH

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 I am glad to have this opportunity to write and say why I like your product. I have used artic spray for years from the first time it was available. I would say about 20 yrs. now if that is possible!
 I am a senior now. but back then earlier on I used arctic spray for cooling off hot flashes! I would keep it in the fridge! it made the product great for headaches when it was cooler and now for sore  and arthritic joints! I used to order this product at times by mail or would purchase it at krogers grocery.
 I do love it and recommend it to friends often.
I am glad to know that this product is still being made!

nina burton

May 11, 2016

Jim Vogel

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Thanks for the prompt attention to my order.  Arctic Spray provided much needed relief to my pain from Shingles!  Shingles isn’t mentioned on the label, but I can vouch for its effectiveness  by personal experience.  Thanks.

April 12, 2016

Peg Andrews

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Arctic spray is a godsend! I have Gout and when you have it, your foot starts to tingle..then it swells and gets hot to the touch and very sensitive..the only thing that will stop a full blown attack for me is to immediately apply a cold pack. That’s not always convenient when you are away from home or near a freezer. With Arctic Spray all I have to do is spray my foot and the pain does not materialize,  and the foot stays cool for a long time..I used another well known brand and it would stay cool for under 5 minutes and I had to keep spraying it..Arctic Spray is one shot and done..
Gout is a form of arthritis caused by too much uric acid in your forms crystals around your joints and is excruciatingly painful…Peg Andrews

March 28, 2016


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March 24, 2016

John S.

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I AM A HEADACHE SUFFERER AFTER  6 EXTRACTIONS OF TEETH ALL AT ONCE  DUE TO COMPLICATIONS WITH GUM DISEASE.   i WAS TOLD TO TAKE SOME OF THE MORE  ” HEAVY DUTY”  PAIN KILLERS,   BUT  I FOUND I COULD NOT FUNCTION BECAUSE OF THE DROWSINESS.         i TOOK A GAUZE,  FIRST AID TAPE,  SATURATED IT WITH ARCTIC SPRAY,  APPLIED IT  AND KEPT IT ON THE AFFECTED AREAS OF MY JAW,  (  IT DIDN’T LOOK PRETTY)   BUT ….     Pain subsided !!!      Anyone  not believing in this product  should simply try it if you are at wits end……   IT  IS   n o t   like any of  the   stuff sold over the counter   at all…   IT  TRULY    D O E S   THE  JOB !!    Sincerely—   John S.

March 22, 2016

Cheryl Brewer

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I have used arctic spray for over 20 years.  I have arthritis, and head aches.  Arctic works wonders on hi pretension  head aches. I spray the back of my neck. It also works wonders for my arthritic pain. One final note. I live in a wooded area, known for its tick problems. I spray arctic on my ankles before I go out. No ticks.

March 14, 2016

Joseph Goldenson – Scottsdale, AZ

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As far as Arctic Spray, I have been using this marvelous pain reliever for over ten years. It is the only thing that relieves a chronic ache that I have had since the ’90’s. I stumbled upon Arctic Spray when I lived in Tucson, Az when I went into a drug store and the pharmacist recommended it to me. There is no pungent odor that was prevalent in other types of salves or sprays I had used. From the moment I tried Arctic Spray I knew that this was the remedy for my problem. Since I can’t find it in the local drug stores in Scottsdale, I order from the number on the bottle and was pleasantly surprised when the mother of the owner took my order and filled it. I normally get two eight ounce spray bottles that last for months and when I’m running out, I immediately reorder by phone. Thanks for the wonderful product. The great service on reorders and the friendly phone responses.

March 12, 2016

Rev. S.A. Maiselle – Washington, NC

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I have used arctic spray for as long as it’s been around! Was in Wal-Mart for a while. I have used it for rashes, insect bites and swelling. I have also shared it with friends, who have used it for shingles.

March 3, 2016

Jane Taylor – Orange Beach, AL

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I have been using Arctic Spray since before 1997.  I just can’t remember how long before that, but my husband said I brought it with me from FL. when I moved to TN., and that was in 1997.  Maybe that’s why he married me, ’cause I had the good stuff!  I’ve introduced it to lots of people. 
In our family of 2, we use it for any ache and pain we have. Ex. arthritis, sore muscles, stiff necks, when I had a torn meniscus, I used it for that until I had surgery.  It’s great stuff, and it doesn’t get hot. I just works, and we are very happy with this product. Thank you for it.

March 1, 2016

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